MSCA COFUND 2022 call results are published: Spain maintains the first position in the number of funded projects in the EU


Spain has emerged as the leading country within the European Union in terms of securing funding for projects in the COFUND call for Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions (MSCA). A total of eight projects covering diverse topics have been chosen, encompassing doctoral programs and the recruitment of research personnel. These projects will bring in 150 scientists who will contribute their expertise to research institutions and companies in Spain.

Spain has secured the position of being the second-ranked country in terms of economic return from selected projects, with a funding amount of 19.44 million euros. This amount constitutes 24.68% of the total budget allocated to the European Union’s COFUND call, which stands at 95 million euros there are 30 projects overall financed by this call.

These programmes will  allow organisations to

  • attract international talent to EU Member States and regions
  • increase visibility and attractiveness  
  • boost research and innovation capacities

The projects chosen this year are in line with the prevailing trends and address crucial challenges of our time, including the green and digital transition as well as climate change. Many of these projects are centered around artificial intelligence and data science, reflecting their growing significance. Additionally, some of the selected projects are aligned with the objectives and plans of the Mission on Cancer, emphasizing the commitment to combat this disease.

Sources: MSCA Actions, Horizon Europe